Monday, May 15, 2006

Goodbye Loyal Readers

Thousands of times people have stumbled upon this blog. I couldn't just delete it. I quit blogging because
  1. I have found myself becoming more apathetic towards the "yeshiva world" everyday.
  2. The situation of the yeshiva world seemed hopeless.
I decided that I have to do the right thing on my own, and ignore the path the tsibur is taking. I may be adversely affected by the way the tsibur decides to run its shuls, schools, yeshivas and the community in general but I'll just have to "grin and bear it". And for the once in a while that the tsibur gets together to do some good in the world, I'll happily join them.

Nah, I couldn't leave off like that. Let no one say I didn't try. Now let me end off for real.
YOU STUPID PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO WORK TO GET YOUR KIDS INTO THE BEST SCHOOLS AND THE BEST YESHIVAS AND THE BEST SEMINARIES SO THAT THEY CAN GET THE BEST SHIDDUCHIM. YES, YOU, You people who chose schools by where they are on the top ten list. You have helped to create a society that values one thing and one thing only. Social status. Wouldn't it be such a nice world if you'd find some other value to live by. Besides for making the world a better place for others, it would be so good for you if you would be able to make the right decisions with out looking at what rank that would give you in the New Orthodox Jewish Caste System.

Thank You and have a good life